As Uncle Albert once said

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Well, we may have reached that point where it´s time to try something different……and bold. Below, I will offer some bold steps that I think will be needed to avoid a Malthusian catastrophe that could set your species back to the middle ages. Sound far fetched?

The interesting thing about these times is we may be right at the inflection point where change will happen soon. The question is: will the changes be directed or imposed on us by chaos?

At the current time, it looks like a perfect storm. There seems to be real dearth of leadership and a a build up of overpowering political inertia that may make it impossible to stop or re-direct the potential train wreck. But its not only the political leadership that is to blame; it is all of us who stand by like ice hockey or Nascar fans waiting for the violence. Is this the same sort of angry disoriented malaise that has precluded most of our great wars?

But, in my opinion, we are all at a loss of what we need to do. I know many of you have worked it out.

How are we going to employ the growing populations?
What sort of new industries can spur new employment and meaningful jobs?
Will technology replace or greatly reduce the need for new employment?
What will the growing masses of unemployed do to feed and house themselves?
What will happen if tax cuts and ravaged government budgets are insufficient to provide for public health?
Have we passed the point where we can hold government or industry accountable?
Have we become slaves to materialism and has the job become our meaning for existence?
Will the growing numbers of the angry disenfranchised with nothing to lose turn loose the horrible weapons of mass destruction?
What can we do now to really make a change?
What changes should we make?

These are questions that I know most of you have considered. In fact if there are other things that you have thought about that are not on this list, please send in your observations. After all, any hope of change will come from dialogue and discussion at the grass roots; for sure it will not come from the very people who stand to lose their position and power….the people we have chosen to lead us.

Over the years, as I have had the opportunity to really research and think about the matter, I have written a book “The Meltdown Chronicles” where I explain in a candy coated fashion some ideas of what might be done by us…. or to us. I don’t hear any talk about these obvious potential outcomes from anybody. To me, understanding the financial system as I do, the two choices are inevitable. Either we do it or Nature will do it…or maybe the path has already been chosen for us. The later seems more probable as the most open, outrageous and absurd political decisions are happening all around us everyday with nary a peep or valid journalistic investigation. These events have now become commonplace and we have become deer in the headlights. I, for one, am not of the ilk to stand by without shaking a fist or offering an alternative solution to the drastic one we will soon find ourselves it. And we will have no one to blame but ourselves. It will indeed be a pox on all of our houses caused by apathy and indecisiveness….the hallmark of a decaying form of democracy. We will deserve what we get. Unless…..

Next blog will introduce what I see as the two possible futures that may be just down the road. So, who am I to make these sweeping forecasts?
I am you but with enough time to take some action, as inconsequential as it may be.

To view a really interesting video presentation on the current default thinking, check this out

Until then
Len Goodman

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